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Weekly Webinars

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We host a free virtual learning opportunity each Thursday, featuring experts and researchers from the KU Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (KU ADRC) and affiliates.

Presentations focus on understanding risk factors in Alzheimer’s disease, the latest research in preventing Alzheimer’s, and what we know about brain health and aging. 


Weekly Webinar with KU Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
Thursdays from 2-2:30 pm

Does Oral Health Matter to Our Brain’s Gray Matter?

Valerie Blanco Johnson, MS | December 7, 2023

Please join us Thursday at 2:00 pm CST for this week's weekly webinar featuring Valerie Blanco Johnson. 

Valerie Blanco Johnson emphasizes the importance of maintaining, or improving, oral health for overall health. Her dedication to this topic began during her graduate studies as she examined the burden and attitude of caregivers of Alzheimer’s disease patients and their oral health care behaviors. She has published articles about geriatric care issues including an evidence-based practice guideline addressing oral hygiene care for functionally-dependent and cognitively-impaired older adults. She has continued to study these areas while providing educational programs and supporting those diagnosed with a dementia and their caregivers. Valerie has an MS in Dental Public Health from the University of Iowa.

We often think of the mouth and the body as being distinct from one another. Yet we now know that our oral health and physical health are linked. Valerie will provide an overview of how our mouth and bodies are intertwined—including our brain.  In this week's webinar, we'll discuss the mouth-body connection--particularly how controlling inflammation plays a major role in maintaining our health.


How to Join

Our Weekly Webinars are offered as part of the MyAlliance for Brain Health program. If you have not already signed up for MyAlliance, please do so today!

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